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নেটওয়ার্কের মূল ধারণা || The Core Idea Of The Network

নেটওয়ার্কের মূল ধারণা || The Core Idea Of The Network

নেটওয়ার্কের মূল ধারণা || The Core Idea Of The Network, Networks are used to simplify our daily activities. The advantage we get when two computers are brought to the network is that the two computers can share each other’s resources. Resource refers to both data and hardware devices here. Data or information stored on one computer may be viewed from another computer if that information is shared and appropriate permissions are granted. Hardware devices associated with one computer, such as printers, CDROM drives, hard disk space, etc., can be shared with other computers. That means if you have a printer on your network, all the machines on the network can use it. Likewise, if you have a CDROM drive, you can use it from another computer. The main benefit of networking is this, and this is why people use the network. Sharing is not the only hard disk or device, the main emphasis is on sharing information. Before using the network, there was not much advantage of exchanging information from one computer to another. For example, suppose you create a little word document on a computer with no printer attached. Now if you want to print that document, you have to go to the computer where the printer is connected. A floppy disk is usually used to move that file to that printer. Copy the file from the first computer to the floppy and take it to the second computer and print from there. If everyone wants to print like this, it will lead to a very difficult situation. In this way, the process of moving from one computer to another using floppy is called sneakernet. To avoid the disadvantages of this sneakernet, many times each device was provided with a different device. This was expensive. The computer network is assumed to be one sender and the other party will be the customer. The sender or source computer is the computer that wants to send information to another computer. And the computer to which that information will be sent is the customer or destination. Not just computers on the network that communicate with each other. Other devices, such as a network printer, can communicate with each other. A computer, printer or any other device that can exchange information between a network is called a node or device.
Different devices on a network will require a medium for sending information to each other. In most cases the cable is used to attach the devices. Different devices may be serially connected to one long cable, or one cable from all devices may be connected to a central location. These cables are usually copper or copper. Notable among these are cables made of glass and plastic. Apart from these cables, there are various methods of connecting the devices using air as a medium. This is done through radio or microwave transmissions.
When multiple networks can communicate with one another, and the connection is established, it is called Internetwork. Internetworking is the way to connect one network to another through various hardware and software. When two devices use different protocols, it is still possible to establish a connection between the two using the Internetworking device.

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