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VSOL GPON OLT CONFIGURATION STEP BY STEP , Today we will discuss about vsol gpon olt configuration. vsol olt configuration a little bit complex. But don’t worry, we will try to learn it very easy way. We will show you step by step configuration of vsol olt. Let’s start……………..


vsol gpon olt, you can log in it using “AUX” port && also using the console port.


if you want to access your olt using AUX port first you need to connect an Ethernet cable to your PC or latop to OLT AUX Port.

VSOL GPON OLT has a fixed static IP address for AUX Port To accessing this ip address you need to change your pc lan ip address, you have to use same subnet. You can set the IP of your computer or laptop and subnet mask Now you can access it via web but telnet not working yet, if you want to access it via telnet you have to login first web then goto system>login managment then delete telnet configure from filter list && save it. Then you can access via telnet




Connect your laptop or pc to olt console port using console cable. Then login via putty software, select serial then type your COM port number like below image && hit enter.

VSOL GPON OLT default IP, UserName && Password

Username: admin
Password: Xpon@Olt9417#

Here enable password is also same Xpon@Olt9417#

Step 2: Uplink Configuration

we have 4 port vsol gpon olt. We want to configure this vsol olt every pon port by different vlan.

First create vlan 2026-2029

gpon-olt# configure terminal
gpon-olt(config)# vlan 2026 – 2029


Configure up link port G1

gpon-olt(config)#interface gigabitethernet 0/1
gpon-olt(config-if-ge0/1)#switchport mode hybrid
gpon-olt(config-if-ge0/1)#switchport hybrid vlan 2026 – 2029 tagged

Assign ip address to management vlan

At first we have to create management vlan, here we use management vlan as 100
gpon-olt# configure terminal
gpon-olt(config)# vlan 100
gpon-olt(config)# interface vlan 100
gpon-olt(interface-vlan-100)# ip address
gpon-olt(interface-vlan-100)# exit
gpon-olt(config)# ip route

Here we use private ip address, we can access this vsol olt from our local network easily.

Telnet protocol allow via command line

Telnet is a protocol that provides us a command line interface for configuring remote devices such as switch, router, server etc.Below that command give us permission to access our vsol olt by telnet protocol. by default telnet protocol is colsed from vsol olt firewall.

gpon-olt(config)# no login-access-list deny telnet

Now we can access our olt via telnet protocol.That’s all we already configured our olt uplink configurations. Lets configure PON (Passive Optical Network)

Step 3: Creating ONU Profile

In this step, we will create a profile for ONU. Every GPON Olt we need to create a profile for ONU. Here we can configure for 1 port onu and 4 port onu. Let’s create onu profile for 1 port onu

gpon-olt(config)#profile onu id 2 name gpononu
gpon-olt(profile-onu:10)# port-num eth 1
gpon-olt(profile-onu:10)# commit
gpon-olt(profile-onu:10)# exit
gpon-olt(config)# onu auto-learn default-onu-profile xpon

Here successfully configured an ONU Profile Named gpononu and where onu id 2 and it’s a 1 Ethernet port onu.

Step 4: Creating DBA Profile

DBA means Dynamic bandwidth allocation. This step we will create a DBA profile for ONU bandwidth. Every GPON OLT like Huawei, DBC GPON OLT must to create DBA profile

gpon-olt(config)# show profile dba
using upper command we can see a list of dba profiles, now we are creating a dba profile which id will 2 and name dbagpon.
gpon-olt(config)# profile dba id 2 name dbagpon
gpon-olt(profile-dba:2)# type 4 maximum 1024000
gpon-olt(profile-dba:2)# commit
gpon-olt(profile-dba:2)# exit
Delete DBA Profile
gpon-olt(config)# no profile dba id 2

Using this command we can delete dba profile.

Step 5: Create Service Profile

In this step, we will create a service profile where the profile id is 2 and the profile name srv_1_pon1_vlan_2026  and tag VLAN to the onu ethernet port.

NB: you can change the profile id and name as you wish
gpon-olt(config)# show profile srv
Upper command to see srv profile, Let’s create srv profile below
gpon-olt(config)# profile srv id 2 name srv_1_pon1_vlan_2026
gpon-olt(profile-srv:2)# portvlan eth 1 mode tag vlan 2026
gpon-olt(profile-srv:2)# commit
gpon-olt(profile-srv:2)# exit
Delete Service Profile
gpon-olt(config)# no profile srv id 2

Step 6: Create Line Profile

In this step we will create a line profile and create tcont and add tcont with dba profile and also assign vlan to service port.

gpon-olt(config)# show profile line
This upper command show us all line profile. Let’s create line profile
gpon-olt(config)# profile line id 2 name line_1_pon1_vlan_2026
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# tcont 1 name 1 dba dbagpon
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# gemport 1 tcont 1 gemport_name 1
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# service srv_1 gemport 1 vlan 2026
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# service-port 1 gemport 1 uservlan 2026 vlan 2026
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# commit
gpon-olt(profile-line:2)# exit

Step 7: Bind Profile to PON Port

now we have to assign line profile and service profile to PON Port. and enable onu auto-learn pon port 1

gpon-olt(config)# interface gpon 0/1
gpon-olt(config-pon-0/1)#onu auto-learn
gpon-olt(config-pon-0/1)# onu auto-learn srv-profile name srv_1_pon1_vlan_2026
gpon-olt(config-pon-0/1)# onu auto-learn line-profile name line_1_pon1_vlan_2026


gpon-olt(config)#writenow we can get internet from PON port1 by vlan 2026. That’s all we successfully configure vosl gpon olt step by step.

Hostname change

gpon-olt(config)#hostname POLLYBD


For save use write command

Some others command we will share with you

Create username password in vsol olt

Login: admin

GPON_OLT> enable
2020/01/01 01:18:07 User Login User admin logged in from on vty

It is recommended to change your default password for this device for security and
safety reasons.
GPON_OLT# configure terminal
GPON_OLT(config)# user add kamrul login-password E4ZPTIvGI
Successfully added user kamrul as a NORMAL_USER ,
To change user role use “user role” command .
GPON_OLT(config)# user role kamrul admin enable-password E4ZPTIvGI
Successfully change user kamrul to ADMIN mode.

Disable web verification code in vsol olt

GPON_OLT(config)# web verification-code disable

if you want to active you have to use simple command below

GPON_OLT(config)# web verification-code enable

Setup NTP server in vsol olt

GPON_OLT(config)# ntp server enable

GPON_OLT(config)# ntp server

we successfully configured Vsol Gpon OLT configuration step by step. we hope that now you can easily configure your vsol olt. if you face any problem feel free to communicate with us. We will try to help you. you can contact with us via mail address. our mail address is


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