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TOP 20 SPEEDTEST SITE, here are the steps to perform an internet speed test:

  1. Choose a speed test site that you trust (such as one of the sites mentioned in my previous answer).
  2. Connect your device to your internet network (wired or wireless).
  3. Close any unnecessary applications or downloads that may interfere with the speed test.
  4. Open your preferred speed test site in your web browser.
  5. Click on the “Start Test” or similar button on the site.
  6. Wait for the test to complete, which usually takes a few seconds to a minute.
  7. Once the test is completed, the site will display the results of the download and upload speed, as well as ping or latency, which is a measure of how quickly data travels from your device to the test server and back.

It’s important to note that speed test results may vary based on various factors, such as the time of day, the network traffic, the distance between your device and the test server, and the device’s hardware and software configuration.

Here are the top 20 speed test sites based on their popularity and user ratings:

  1. by Ookla –
  2. by Netflix –
  3. SpeedOf.Me –
  4. –
  5. Google Fiber Speed Test –
  6. Verizon Speed Test –
  7. Comcast Xfinity Speed Test –
  8. AT&T Internet Speed Test –
  9. Spectrum Speed Test –
  10. Cox Internet Speed Test –
  11. Ookla HTML5 Speed Test –
  12. M-Lab Speed Test –
  13. Internet Health Test –
  14. Bandwidth Place –
  15. MySpeed Visualware –
  16. Speedcheck –
  17. OpenSpeedTest –
  18. Speedsmart –
  19. nPerf Speed Test –
  20. Meteor –

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